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Membership Categories and Criteria

Membership of ODAK Avrupa (ADEC Europe), Alliance for Development of Eastern and Central Europe can help position you individually or your organisation at the very heart of the Europe. Members gain access to new international partners, exclusive market intelligence, grant updates, discounts to our events and a range of tools. If you too would like to join the leaders, please read on to find out which of our membership options would best suit individuals or the organisations.

Two types of membership are specified which are Voluntarily Membership and Full Membership:


Voluntarily Membership of ODAK Avrupa is only open for Students and Educators. Volunteers cannot have rights for voting or nomination but these still benefit of activities of the Alliance.


Full Membership of ODAK Avrupa is open to all individuals and organisations which adopts the objectives of the Alliance and meet the following criteria:

For individuals:

  • Becoming 18+ age,

  • Becoming Turkish citizen or residential permission in the country,

  • No restricted by the related laws

For organisations:

Associations, NGOs, research institutes, universities, think tanks, multilateral organisations and corporations that have an interest in Europe and are involved in development initiatives, as well as consultants, can get involved as an Institutional Member.

  • Established in Türkiye and registered to related authorities,

  • No restricted by the related laws,

  • Have their own financial resources deployed strategically,

  • Are independently governed,

  • Convert private resources to public good

We also expect our members and volunteers acting according to the Code of Conduct you may see via clıcking button below:

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